More Recent Work

power plants double parking under the overpass chance of showers recurring expenditure recurring expenditure pair of roses from the south view of toledo girl in traffic land yacht cloudmoonpalm like two ships passing in the early afternoon l.a. lovers filling station bar chart bird at rest at the summit white apartment building vulcanologist staghorn gulch recession of the glaciers from the south private property rural intersection seafoam cape downstream run convoluted offering evidence of updraft pit

Older Work

recurring expenditure excelsior loudmouth cautious pedestrian snowy massif tow zone uncapitated at the beach douzie night on the town site at night transient perturbation spatio temporal discontinuity built up islet black cloud creek loiterers coming and going contestofwills moon over rancher open book test shrinking pool love nests twins interrupted cruise headwaters lobular excrescense dwelling unit outburst futile ceremony bather #2 drydock bather